Wall Sit stand

  • Sit Stand Wall Mount- MC40 ( Black/White)

    Fits larger screens sized 24” – 35”

    Turn your desktop into an ergonomic workspace. Install the NB MC40 sit-stand wall mount to create a versatile workstation that promotes healthy life styles and enhances activity and movement during the daily grind. Attach the MC40 to a wall with the sturdy mount system and use the VESA compliant bracket for your display sized between 24” and 35” and bearing a weight of 4.4 to 33 lbs (2-15 kg). Wherever you choose to place this essential tech accessory, the modular design makes installation simple and efficient.

    Created for ergonomic benefits, the MC40 sit-stand workstation lets you swing the display with a full range of motion form left to right, as well as up and down to provide the comfort you and your team need to work comfortably. The height-adjustable feature allows for interactive collaboration and promotes movement, allowing you to stand or sit as needed when the keyboard and display move together. In addition, the keyboard tray is extendable and foldable to save space when not in use.

    Utilize the MC40 wall mount in any constrained space, in both the office or the home. With a built-in gas-strut cylinder for ease of motion, aluminum alloy construction for durability, and a steel base for extra stability, it’s an ideal way to improve productivity. You’ll also enjoy the cable management under the arm as well as the dual USB adaptors that keep your compatible devices charged and close by for when you need them.

  • Sit Stand Wall Mount- MC40-2A (Black/White)

    To convert your tabletop into a healthy working desk, the NB MC40-2A Sit-Stand Desktop Workstation provides the ergonomic capability and interactive setting you’re looking for. Installation is fast and easy, as you mount your 22” to 27” inch monitor display with the sturdy VESA bracket and attach it to the wall. The overall modular design enhances the healthy life styles sought after by today’s corporate settings.

    The MC40-2A lets you create an ideal communal workstation when attached to the wall mount that can be shared even further with the full range of motion feature. Move the monitor left, right, up, or down to show visitors or give a presentation, share with nearby coworkers, or to simply find the healthiest height for your working comfort. In fact, with just a touch, the height-adjustable keyboard and display move as one so you can sit or stand as you wish at your desk.

    Extendable and foldable, this sit stand wall mount can be pushed out of the way to save desk space or to keep it out of common areas if installed in a lobby or conference room. With a built-in gas-strut cylinder, aluminum alloy, and steel constructed base, this long-lasting office accessory also comes with handy cable management routing under the arm as well as dual USB interface adaptors for charging a smartphone or iPad, plus a gadget box for keeping keys and other items safe and secure.

  • Sit Stand Wall Mount: MC32 Black

    Fits screen sizes ranging from 22” – 35”

    To fit today’s ever-changing work environment, you need office equipment that’s versatile enough to support the healthy lifestyle of employees as well as durable enough to increase productivity. The MC32 wall-mounted ergonomic workstation is designed to be less taxing on the daily work routine as well as a relief on possible eye, neck, back, and arm strain.

    Crafted from durable aluminum alloy, the MC32 has a built-in gas-strut cylinder that helps support the entire assembly and hovers at any working position whether you wish to stand or sit. Able to fit most displays from 22” to 32” in measurement, with a maximum weight of 6.6-28.6 lbs (3-13kg), the monitor arm and keyboard tray combination extends up to 39.76” (101 cm) from the wall for more comfort. It also flips up or folds up when not in use to keep your space neat and tidy. For even more neatness, enjoy the cable management under the arm and the handy gadget box for holding keys and other small items that may clutter up the desktop.

    Assembled in modules to make installation a breeze, the VESA compliant MC32 wall mount comes in your choice of black or white color tone to match the home or office decor. Great for smaller spaces or to make available space more efficient, especially with the 360 degree display rotation and handy wall mounted option that looks at good as performs.



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