How A SIt-Stand Workstation Promotes Well-Being In The Workplace

Efficient and completely modern, the ST-15 single monitor integrated sit-stand workstation deserves a standing ovation! Install this contemporary beauty in your workplace and let your employees reap the benefits. From productivity to improved health, it’s a durable workstation that’s both versatile and easy to operate.


The mechanical counter balance pulley system is the driving force behind the quick switch from sitting desktop to standing ergonomic workstation. With just a push or a pull, the user can go from a normal sitting position, looking up at the display monitor, to a beneficial standing setting. All the while, the keyboard tray and monitor move as one to keep the workday flowing effortlessly. Then, once the individual finds the height they want, the ST-15 can be fixed in that position for even more comfort.


For added versatility, this flexible workstation mount fits a range of display monitors, from 22” to 32”, with a weight capacity of just over 24 pounds. This makes it ideal for not only an office setting, but for home entertainment such as video games or work-at-home meetings and presentations. It also comes in black or white, to match the office decor or the game room theme. And the sturdy steel base adds that extra hold power for a stress-free experience.


One of the best features is the premium VESA complaint interface. Allowing for a nearly total range of adjustment, it adds a sense of well-being to the workday or the game session. With increased height and tilt angles, as well as full rotation, the ST-15 provides ergonomic design to alleviate strain on the neck, back, arms, and even the eyes. In addition, there’s a cable management feature to hold cords in place and a USB adaptor cable for keeping charging devices close at hand. With all this and more, this is the sit-stand workstation you need to save space, time, and money!

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